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Hackathon: user insights

Sole Designer
Hackathon: user insights

My Role

Sole designer, collaborating with 1 product marketer, and 2 developers.

User Story

As a product marketer I want to better understand our user’s motivations and behavior so that I can provide the most accurate, personalized results.


Roughly 150–220k users reach phonenumber.com per month. Instead of a quick redirect to Whitepages.com, perhaps we can gain insights to how our users are searching to improve our phone search experience. 

Goals & Approach

Understanding our user’s behavior means more opportunity for personalization. More personalization will ultimately drive stronger CVR and more revenue for the business. Upon searching, the user will be asked a series of five questions. Their responses will be stored in a database. Once the user has completed the questions, the user will then be redirected to the phone results page on Whitepages.com.

We collaborated with marketing to come up with questions that would give us the most actionable insights that would eventually help us improve our phone search experience. Realizing that the questions could become a roadblock, we made sure to allow users the option to skip through. We wanted to keep the questions to a maximum of 5 to prevent overloading the user.


Sadly, we did not win the Hackathon, however, we have been able to use the concept for some of our organic traffic coming from search engines. This has enabled us to gain insights and help users find the correct person they are looking for. Our questions were based on the facets we have on our primary search results page, and we focused on keeping them brief (maximum of 2 instead of 5) and intuitive.

Instead of continuing to let organic traffic navigate to potentially incorrect results when following a link from a search engine, we can help the users find who they are looking for by narrowing their search. We launched this to a small percentage of users, and at the time of writing this, we have yet to make a call, but we are seeing engagement!